About Us

We have been working with companies in the digital marketing space for well over seven years under a company called One Click Marketing based in San Diego, California. Initially, we worked with companies from a variety of industries and soon realized that different industries require different approaches to be truly effective in lead generation.

Over time, we started to get inquiries from cleaning companies all around the world needing help with getting more customers. After working with five cleaning companies, we branched out to create a division that purely focuses on digital marketing for that industry. That was the beginning of Maid Optimized Marketing (M.O.M. for short).

Why We Are Different From All The Other Marketing Firms?

This is always the question isn’t it!?

We could say almost anything and at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter unless we deliver leads. The best way to go about earning your initial trust is to talk to you about what makes Maid Optimized Marketing (M.O.M.) different than your average Internet Marketing Firm.

  • Top Ranked Digital Marketing Firms In The United States!
  • We have strictly worked in the cleaning industry for over 7 years
  • We focus on Lead Generation and getting people to book appointments
  • Each business we work with has their own marketing strategy
  • We are straightforward, to the point and transparent
  • ZERO out-sourcing

We have worked with some of the biggest (and smallest) cleaning / maid companies. The #1 thing we have discovered over the years is that lead generation for this industry is fairly easy. But finding the right quality of leads is what is important. Maid Optimized Marketing is a spinoff company from our parent company, One Click Marketing of San Diego, which has been successfully operating for almost 10 years. At One Click Marketing we continually educated ourselves on how to capture online leads for multiple different types of industries around the world. We quickly came to realize that creating Maid Optimized Marketing was a must! Our team of 15 in house employees became the most familiar and successful in quality lead generation with the many cleaning companies we have worked with.