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Proper Use of Meta Tag for Cleaning Company Websites

If you are new to cleaning service SEO, you may get a bit confused about some of the terms used in the field. One of those words that get thrown around often are meta tags. So, what are meta tags and how are they used? This handy guide should answer all the basic questions you […]

Cleaning Service SEO: How to Wipe Clean Your Online Reputation

When it comes to cleaning services marketing, many cleaning companies count on word-of-mouth and referrals. If you run a cleaning business, you may think that offering top-notch services is all you need to wipe out the competition but what if it is your online reputation that you need to wipe clean? This is where cleaning […]

Here’s Why You Need a House Cleaning SEO Pro in Your Corner

You’re growing your house cleaning business and you’d like to spend your budget wisely. You know that SEO pays off, but you’re considering of doing it on your own to save some bucks. But, will doing SEO the DIY way really give you ROI? Can you pull it off without a house cleaning SEO expert? […]

Cleaning Service Marketing: Where to Invest Your Marketing Dollars

Did you know that well over 80% of all users search for a service online? It’s true, and the percentage grows steadily with each business quarter. What does this mean for your cleaning business? Put simply: invest in online marketing! Investing your marketing dollars in online marketing means investing in making sure that your potential […]