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Cleaning Service SEO: How to Wipe Clean Your Online Reputation

When it comes to cleaning services marketing, many cleaning companies count on word-of-mouth and referrals. If you run a cleaning business, you may think that offering top-notch services is all you need to wipe out the competition but what if it is your online reputation that you need to wipe clean? This is where cleaning service SEO comes into play!

Companies such as Maid Optimized Marketing have the right tools, skills and experience to perform a reputation brush-up and help protect your company’s good image online. Here are some basic cleaning service SEO tips to keep your business in good standing!

Create Positive, High-quality Content and Include Your Name

You may appreciate the value of consistent, quality content about your business on the Internet but for any online marketing strategy to be truly successful, that content needs to be closely linked to the name of your cleaning company.

Push the negatives down by developing content that specifically targets the name of your cleaning business to make it as powerful as any negative text about you, or more! Keep in mind that blog posts are not your only option; press releases will pitch your voice across all distribution channels. Search engine algorithms will then start paying closer attention!

Importance of Keywords: Make Google Work for Your Business

Don’t underestimate the importance of keywords for any SEO initiative! When potential customers start looking for trustworthy local house cleaning services, they will enter words like “best home cleaning”, “maid service near me” and “find home cleaner” into search engines.

You’d want them to find your content among the results – the positive, quality content you created. Start building the relationship between you and your prospects and boil everything on your website with the primary keywords for your niche.

Image SEO: Post Photos that Represent Your Cleaning Service

Optimizing images is another important part of Search Engine Optimization. After you develop some positive content, choose an image related to the text and make it SEO friendly.

You will do it by adding an alt tag and image title. Make your alt tags keyword-rich but avoid keyword stuffing. This way, search engines will be able to see images you post and determine what your page is about.

Don’t Forget the URL!

Make sure the pages with positive content that you control contain the name of your company and/or target keyword in the page URL, title tag and meta description! The main goal of all your cleaning service SEO tactics should be to make your cleaning business more visible online – in the best possible light!

Search engines are case-insensitive so it doesn’t matter if you use lowercase, uppercase or both. White space characters are not allowed in the URL so use dashes and forward slashes instead, or write the term leaving out spaces.

Let Professionals Take Care of Your Cleaning Service SEO and Build Positive Links for You

If you need help with Search Engine Optimization for your business, reach out to the SEO experts! Maid Optimized Marketing specializes in SEO for cleaning companies and will focus on positive link building and maintaining your good business reputation. We know the most effective ways to boost your SEO rankings!