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Here’s Why You Need a House Cleaning SEO Pro in Your Corner

You’re growing your house cleaning business and you’d like to spend your budget wisely. You know that SEO pays off, but you’re considering of doing it on your own to save some bucks. But, will doing SEO the DIY way really give you ROI? Can you pull it off without a house cleaning SEO expert? Well, let’s see.

You run a cleaning business. The overwhelming majority of your clients can clean, so why do they hire you? Very often (but not always), it’s not about whether you could do something, but whether you should. All too often, the opportunity cost of amateur house cleaning SEO is too much.

You can’t do it all

There are only so many hours in a day. It’s a fact that you can’t do it all and you have to prioritize. Do you, in all honesty, have enough time and energy on a daily basis to develop your business and do online marketing? Let’s see what your regular to-do list could look like:

  • Check emails
  • Organize bookings
  • Manage the maids
  • Answer inquiries & complaints
  • Resolve complaints
  • Manage online reviews
  • Manage your social media profiles
  • Take various calls every 15 minutes it seems
  • Make various calls every 15 minutes it seems
  • Elaborate on that late-night idea you had to find more customers
  • Check your AdWords – monitor the metrics, fine-tune as appropriate
  • Meet up with a potential partner
  • Do a screening interview with a potential cleaner
  • Review new cleaner applications
  • Write a blog
  • Do prospecting for guest blogs – search tens and tens of sites to find potential candidates
  • Find new keywords to use in your blogs and guest blogs
  • … Okay, we got tired just typing this.

So, why not let a professional deal with the AdWords, the blog, the keywords, the guest posts, backlinks and all the other staples of SEO and digital marketing? Because, frankly, if you spread yourself thin, your business may suffer. What will you have to advertise and promote then?

There’s a lot to keep up with

Google makes money by always changing the game. You make money with good Google marketing, but Google makes money off you in the process. It’s not it Google’s interest that you figure out the game, nail it and then rest on your laurels. Do you have the time to grow your business and keep ahead on the constant changes Google makes to keep you on your toes?

Probably not.

Just managing AdWords takes constantly staying in the know about all the newly added features. Not only could you be wasting your hard-earned money, you could also fall from grace with Google if you stick with what you learned once about digital marketing. Google could slap you with a penalty that would have your website spiral down the SERP like a bar of wet soap.

What could go wrong?

You know your business, you know cleaning, you know how to talk to customers and network. But, that doesn’t mean you automatically know optimizing for search engines, web design, graphic design, user experience and behavior, analyzing website-related metrics and attracting more leads.

If you invest a lot of time and effort to perfect your business procedures, services and offering, but you have taken a DIY or ignore approach to website and digital marketing, you could be wondering: Why am I not seeing an uptick here?

Your website visitors (aka prospects) could be abandoning your website because:

  • Your website takes too much to load
  • The call-to-action buttons are poorly designed and visitors don’t really know what to do
  • Your website doesn’t inspire trust
  • Your website isn’t responsive or mobile-optimized
  • Your business doesn’t have any reviews
  • Your contact forms may be improperly set up
  • Your paid ads could be showing up for irrelevant terms or locations
  • Your website copy is poorly written
  • Your booking procedure is complicated or technically unstable

Or, worse yet, your website may have few visitors because:

  • Your copy paid no attention to keywords
  • You have barely any copy
  • Your paid ads are showing up for irrelevant terms or locations
  • Your website isn’t indexed
  • Your website got penalized by Google

Let M.O.M. take care of your house cleaning SEO

Maid Optimized Marketing can take over any amount of your house cleaning SEO as you may need. We offer you years of experience, scores of satisfied clients and customizable services to suit your needs. Let’s make your website sparkle – give us a call!