SEO for Cleaning Companies: Leave Your Competition in the Dust
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SEO for Cleaning Companies: The Easiest Way to Leave Your Competition in the Dust

A lot of up and coming cleaning company representatives ask us whether SEO for cleaning companies is really necessary. And in most cases, these companies are on the dreaded, dirty two-digit pages on every Google search along the lines of “best cleaning company” or “cleaning company near me”.

The part of the problem is that many cleaning company CEOs don’t exactly understand what SEO entails. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a marketing strategy meant to increase your sales by boosting your company’s online presence, specifically through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

If you own a cleaning company you know how challenging getting new customers can be, especially since there are a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding the cleaning industry. How often did your potential clients turn you down because they believe that hiring a cleaning company is reserved for the elite with vast mansions or that hiring a cleaning company makes them a poor homeowner?

But the landscape is changing every day. With services like Airbnb gaining popularity and people taking on multiple jobs or working from home, cleaning becomes a task they simply aren’t fit to handle.

Fortunately, unlike the baby boomers who relied on yellow pages, millennials are more likely to find and hire a cleaning company online.

Imagine if your cleaning company was the first thing potential clients see when they type in “best cleaning service near me”. The math is simple: more leads equal more customers. And that’s where SEO comes in.

What are the Benefits of SEO for Cleaning Companies?

Of course, every successful entrepreneur wants to know what they gain from a service. After all, as a cleaning company, you probably know how important it is to highlight the benefits of your service. SEO is the same. As many consider SEO a vague concept, here’s what you will gain from hiring an SEO company:

Traffic Boost

A lot of companies spend hundreds of dollars on advertising. In some cases, the investment pays off, in others it just seems to siphon your budget. That is why you need to know which cleaning service marketing strategies are worth investing in.

With SEO, not only is the traffic you get free, the conversion rates are higher due to relevance (only someone looking to hire a cleaning service would Google one).

Visibility and Brand Presence

Older generations used to rely on Yellow Pages to find a service they need. That job belongs to Google now. According to recent studies, 93% of internet users begin their session with a search engine. Of those, 47% are most likely to click through the first three results.

Having your name on the first page will help expose your business to a number of new customers as the top-ranked companies are usually considered trustworthy.

Improved Website Navigation

A part of any successful SEO strategy is to improve your website navigation, as that is one of the key factors search engines look for in any website.

As an added bonus, this will also make your website more user-friendly. Rearranging the page architecture and connecting relevant pages through links makes it easier for customers to find exactly the information they need.

Great Return on Investment

Isn’t this a phrase every entrepreneur loves to see? It usually takes about six months before you see any significant ranking results.

However, as cleaning companies usually operate on a local level, you will be competing with nearby cleaners and not all the cleaning companies around the globe.

And if your competitors are not using any SEO strategies, you will have a major advantage now and in years to come, as your business will already be solidified in Google’s book (as long as you keep expanding on your SEO efforts).

Reliable SEO companies like Maid Optimized Marketing will track their results and disclose reports on a regular basis. They also offer tailored SEO packages from basic to comprehensive ones that are guaranteed to get your business to the top.