SEO Guide for Cleaning Service Owners: What to Expect From SEO
SEO Notes - SEO Guide for Cleaning Service

SEO Guide for Cleaning Service Owners: What to Expect From an SEO Campaign

If you run a cleaning company, you know how stiff the competition is. The cleaning industry employs 3.26 million people, according to a report by Statista and its revenue is expected to reach $46.3 billion by 2020.

That’s a huge cake, and normally, everyone wants a piece of it.

Even though there’s plenty of work to go around, approximately half of all cleaning companies still fail and go out of business, while only a small percent manages to turn any profit.

Why is that so?

Cleaning companies fail for various reasons. Some companies lose their customers due to poor service. Others don’t manage to break through the barrier of successful and established cleaning companies.

It’s your job to provide quality cleaning service. On the other hand, companies like Maid Optimized Marketing are there to help you break through and reach new clients.

How? With the help of SEO for cleaning companies, of course.

Step By Step SEO Guide For Cleaning Service Providers

We’ve already discussed the benefits of an SEO campaign for your cleaning company. If we managed to convince you this is the right call for your company, you are probably wondering about the process and how SEO companies do what they do best.

There are several steps to every successful SEO campaign which we will touch upon so you have insight into what a reputable SEO company like Maid Optimized Marketing will be focusing on in order to rank your business higher.

Keyword Research

This is the stepping stone for every successful SEO campaign, and the very first item on out SEO guide for cleaning service. In order to make sure you rank higher, an SEO company has to determine what keywords are going to lead customers to your business.

In a nutshell, keywords are strings of words people use when searching for a particular product or service on Google.

Some of the most common keywords for a cleaning company include cleaning services, corporate cleaning service, commercial office cleaning or local keywords that include the combination of the ones mentioned above with the city or area you operate in.

From there, the SEO company can proceed to ramp up your rankings.

Keyword Optimization

Once an SEO company has a list of keywords, there are several ways to use them as an advantage. The first is by updating your Google My Business profile with the latest information and the relevant keywords. The second method involves scattering those keywords on your website, in your blog posts, meta descriptions, FAQ, service and other pages.

Backlinks and Citations

Once your website is neat and ready and the foundation for the SEO campaign is solid, the next step we’ll cover in our SEO guide for cleaning service is getting citations and links. Both strategies can tremendously boost your rankings or get you buried on two-digit pages if done by an amateur SEO company or an individual with basic, outdated SEO knowledge.

A citation is an online directory listing of your cleaning company on directories such as Facebook, Yellow Pages or the Chamber of Commerce. Some of these directories are free, while others require payment before they list your business.

As the name implies, backlinks are links from highly authoritative websites leading back to your website. This lets Google and other search engines know that an authoritative website vouched for your business, which in turn ranks your business higher.

Monitoring Results and Changing Strategies

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is ditching an SEO company as soon as they rank on page one. However, as SEO is a continuous effort due to the fluid nature of raking and Google’s ever-shifting algorithms.

What’s considered a good SEO practice one month can be the thing that costs you your #1 spot the very next month. Take keyword stuffing for example. SEO companies used to add strings of keywords to every text, and for a while, it worked. But when Google recognized this strategy as a fraudulent one, it started punishing websites that implemented it.

An SEO company is responsible for following all the latest trends and Google algorithms and change their strategy to ensure your rankings are unaffected.

Essentially, a good SEO company will not only help you reach #1 in any search, they will help you stay there. This makes SEO a smart long-term cleaning service marketing investment guaranteed to get your business good results for months and years.